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I-Pod and boot failure...


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Hey all, I'm neglecting my studies for this, but hell with it, thought you should all see this. Reading about the man suing Apple for I-Pod issues relating to hearing loss. Bear with me, I DO have a hardbooting connection. Noticed this statement:

"He's bought a product which is not safe to use as currently sold on the market," Berman said. "He's paying for a product that's defective, and the law is pretty clear that if someone sold you a defective product they have a duty to repair it."

The law is pretty clear on defective products?! Hmm, should I be suing you know who to fix my boots with the removable toe piece that could potentially cause me great bodily injury??!! Join me in a class-action anyone? :boxing_sm Bomber excluded!

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:lol: Justin, I am deaf yes, but I don't have an I-Pod. I have a specific pair of boots with a removable toe piece (read the product warning "sticky" thread that Fin posted). The "law is pretty clear" part seems to apply here.

Hey, no one feel sorry... I consider my deafness part of my identity and although I could hear when younger, I don't miss it. And no, I did not become deaf by listening to loud music. :D

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