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Before and after the SES


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Hey everyone,

I'm going to be looking for places to ride both the week before and after the SES@ Aspen. I plan on doing some traveling, so its not out of the question to drive for a day or two out of summit county. My plans are very fluid at the moment which leaves me a great deal of flexability. Any interest in showing an East Coaster around your favorite Mountain? I would be very appreciative.

My access to E-mail will be very limited after the 2nd of Feb. sorry for the short notice.. I will forward a phone number to any responses after that.


Paul K.

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Thanks for the offer but, I'll be tied up on the 19th with carpooling SES friends to Denver international:( However; I was thinking Telluride that following week...I'm gonna guess you're a few hours away from them too....

Do you have any of the holiday week off?

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6.5 hour drive to Telluride for me. Mainly because of the way it's tucked into that mountain range. If I could go straight there without driving ALL the way around then I could probably make it in 5 hours easy. I did this drive twice last season and I don't think it's gonna happen this season.

Durango though would be nice. That's only 4.5 hours for me and they have pretty good snow right now!


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