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so i told some of you about scambaiting....


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D-sub, i can PM you the details but i don't want to share them all in the general forum because you can search for it on google and this forum would pop up.

Basically, he thinks there is alot of money coming his way to expand the church of Saint Gleb, an orphanage and to develope a well for the area. to him, "I cum too soon" is loosly, phanetically translated into japanese meaning "I praise the lord."

what about the apple laptop?

and thanks kipstar. more to come:biggthump

link to the forum post on 419eater

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It'd be fun to watch someone smoke that. Kudos on the identification. Are you a botnist by any chance?

I'll have more priceless pictures to post in a bit. Any ideas on what to make them say on the signs? Something relating to bomber?

I can't wait to make them write a harry potter book by hand. I'm in love with this stuff. :1luvu:

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No botanist, Doctor of Natural medicine with a distinic interest in traditional eating habits. Traveling in south east Asia it can be a staple diet at surf spots that are far from civilization. BTW- it`s a spleen tonic, boosts your immune system and helps stabilize blood sugar levels.

For the scammers signs, how about something like- Wannbe Trenchdigger or Iluv Bomber:biggthump

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