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Guest aikidan

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Guest aikidan

I have a spankin' new Donek FC due to arrive shortly to replace my worn out old Burton Alp -- yippee! My question is should I replace my boots. I've been wearing some Nordica SBH boots with orthotic inserts for 7 years now & they seem a little less comfortable than I remember them once being. How long do boots last? How about the orthotics? Should I spend more money (making she-who-warms-my-nights less happy)? If I buy new boots, how about advice on a brand? -- I have super wide feet and getting boots to fit has always been hell.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Your so right you should get some new gear.

You asnwered most of your own questions and are on track to happier days and proformance with New Kicks and Orthotics.

One of the east coaster can point you into the Right store to try stuff on at. Since you are a Vermonter you are lucky enough to have one of the few shops that stock boots!

Look at the Bomber store for some Pricing and Product info. Check out E-Bay and the Clasifieds here and at www.catek.com

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I've got Superfeet Cork orthotics in both my skiboots and my snowboard boots. the ones in my skiboots are more than 10 years old and still solid, the SB ones are about 8 and fine too. If you take the liners out a lot it stresses them more, though. I generally pack out a boot in one or two years, but if the shell is still good a new liner does the trick. it sounds like your Nordicas might be toasted.

I really recommend the Starting Gate just below Stratton - excellent bootfitters with a good selection.

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