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First "turns" in NC... possibly Saturday 11/12....

Mellow Yellow

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Cool deal. Was actually thinking about sending an email your way asking you how the NC season is looking. I've got to travel over to BannerElk for a bootfitting. You ever ski Sugar? I figure I'll go Friday ~Dec17? after the last day of uni and board Sugar after the nearby bootfitting. It will bring back memories lol, I went to Sugar once in elementary school for my first time skiing.

Oh, is that BannerElk shop the best place for bootfitting in NC? I found out about them at www.bootfitters.com


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Having only experienced one season here in NC I'm not sure what to say! I would expect Sugar or Beech to be "open" by the 17th.... 100% open is another question. Feel free to email me... I'll definitely meet up and link a few turns w/ya.

Don't have any info on that store... http://www.extremesnowboardandski.com/ is directly in front of Sugar...if you want a tune... Carl is the man to see.... not sure about boot fitting though...

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Cool deal, thanks Mellow. Would be awesome to ride some with you. Warning though, any learning is going to be all one way, my way, lol. Only HBed one day last year - I've definitely got some technique to work on. :o

I'll have to give that extremesb shop you mentioned a call and see what kind of hardboot fitting action they have going on. I gave the shop I found at bootfitters.com (www.skicountrysports.com) a call a few weeks ago and the guy I talked with sounded really competent.

Thanks again

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