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Tropical Tube 170


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Tropical Tube: Loui Holzinger Custom board

170 long 17.5 wide

Soft Flex: custom made for ~130 lbs

It has some cosmetic dings but the base and the edges are in good shape. 60% edge material left. However, there is a dead insert that would make it difficult to ride a stance larger than 18 inches. Ideal stance 17.5

Purchased for $600

Selling for $250


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Hi Mike,

Let me try to answer some of you questions...

Loui Holzinger used to make Mistral. And then he went to custom construction. Yes, he is very popular with racers. My Loui board has a stance width of 17.75 inches. The width is 17.5 cm. There is room to increase the stance with. Although, there is one insert that is defunct and needs to be drilled out. (will reduce price for that). The Loui is 170 cm long and has an open sidecut: 13 m. It being so narrow, you would need to ride some really steep angles.

For both boards, they were made for a racer of 130lbs. The flex that I like tends to be very user friendly for freeriders of 130-170lbs. On both boards the bases, have no dings. But the Loui is a little base high. (which makes it easy to roll onto your edge but harder to run it straight).

The coiler's inserts are all in good shape and can accomadate your stance width. Its length is 168 cm and width is 18 cm, making this a more mellow of a freeride board. The sidecut is 12m.

Unfortunatly, my boards are in Montana and I am training in Colorado. so can't post anymore photos. They can be shipped from MT by my boyfriend, Steve Persons.

Hope this helps,


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