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Phunny soft set up story

C5 Golfer

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I was riding the other day on my Coiler 177 and just coming down the start of a run off the chair where many soft set up riders sit down and block the way for others to go thru- I am sure you have seen this "it is all about me" attitude. Anyway after some close encounters winding thru this maze I get to the last guy who was squatting instead of sitting doing the final ratcheting of his 3 strap soft ride, he is perpendicular and in the middle of the narrow approach to the run. As I approach him on my right he jumps up like he is going to do a slam dunk with a basketball and accelerates forward without looking up hill - again" it is all about me" attitude and he lurches directly at me so I do my best football maneuver with a straight arm to ward him off and I end up pushing him back down as fast as he got up. I was about 70 lbs heavier and much taller than he – I am sure you’d agree you would not want a snowboard riding right over the top front of a new Blue Flame Coiler AM. Anyway I continue down with out missing a beat and expect this AH to soon speed right by me- I was right and here he comes to show me huh? Well you know what happens with a little to much speed in a soft setup and a teenage attitude? He crashed un-hurt except for a bruised ego, as he did a heel side turn in front of me – I continued down, made some nice smooth turns and never saw him again.


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Guest DruckenCarver

About a month ago I'm giving my wife snowboard lessons at the local hill. She's kneeling on the hill taking a break. From all the way across the other side of the run comes this 15-year-old guy barreling straight toward her. He's obviously in perfect control and heading intentionally toward her. Then, he jumps over the nose of her board.

My blood pressure shoots up, and I yell at him down the hill as he continues on. So, I point my board down, too, and chase after him. Didn't have to go very far because he's now standing with a few friends waiting to take his turn at a jump.

I'm going a little too fast and turning to stop a little too late, so I bump him while saying "What the f--- are you doing?" Then when he gets bumped he starts to fall and I see a headline "30-year-old sued by 15-year-old's father ..." I reach out to help him break his fall, while he's now saying "What the f--- are you doing?" and I'm saying "I'm not trying to pick a fight. Not trying to pick a fight ..."

Once he stands up I start chewing him out:

Me: "What the hell do you think you're doing? Jumping over people on the hill like that ... That's my wife up there!"

Him: "Well, jeez! Sorry! I didn't know it was your wife, I thought it was just some kid."

Me: "WHAT?!?! That makes it better that you came 5 inches away from whacking some kid on the back of the head with your board? Do you think you're that good that you'll miss?"

Him: "I said I was sorry!"

Me: "You don't sound sorry."

I left feeling really pissed ... and really old ... :eek:

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Originally posted by jeffnstefanie

ten feet is a big anything !

no the code ?

Send me you email address Jeff and I will email you a picture.. I tried to attach it here but it won't work for me. Or tell me how to attach a photo here. It was and still is a big fish- catch and release.

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