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Looking to buy Catek OS2 (long) Bindings with bails, not step-in.


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Looks like they may be Long. The plates are 23cm in length and they have “MODEL L” etched on them. I have all parts, extra screws, and D3 Elastomers. I’m literally on my way out the door to spend time with family for holidays but can post more photos and info when I return on Thursday. 


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I’m thinking $200. The only hesitation is that I want to ensure all of the parts are, in fact, present and intact. I won’t ask for more than $200 but I’ll adjust the price accordingly if there’s anything missing. 
I want to make sure it’s fair and I just didn’t have enough time to go through everything before I left. Once I’m home on Thursday, I’ll post an update with complete inventory and more photos. 

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Hey @Desjar

The Cateks were my first hardboot bindings that I purchased back in the fall of 2009 from Performance Downhill in New Market, NH. Sadly, this small snowboard and bicycle shop is no longer around. I used them throughout the 2009-10 season (estimating 35 days), and according to my carving journal which I started keeping the following season, I used them for 7 days of the 2010-11 season before switching to TD3s. So these bindings have less than 50 days on them, and I was not carving very hard or aggressive back then. 

That said, they definitely show signs of use. Nothing serious that would impact performance or life of the bindings, but the aluminum toe levers are dinged up and at one point I had electrical tape on them to keep them from getting scratched further. 

I've confirmed all of the hardware is present and in working order. I mounted them up this morning on an old board and did some carpet carving to be sure: 



These are the Catek OS2 "Model L" bindings, with the original elastomers and the D3 upgrades, plus some extra mounting hardware: 


I'm asking $200, which includes shipping to the continental US.  I'll accept either PayPal or Venmo for payment, but would prefer PayPal. Please DM me for details.

Hope these old friends go to a good home. 🙂




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