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Burton Board Wall Mounts

CB Utah

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Stopping the practice of leaning boards on the wall or storing them in closets was the driver for this purchase.  This review of the Burton Board Wall Mount (photo number one) will cover price, tools needed, functionality, suggested modifications, and installation.  

For about $23.95 USD, you’ll get three mounts in a package, good for one board, mounted horizontally.  I used a rechargeable drill with a 1/16” and a 13/64” drill bit, a #3 Phillips and a #2 Phillips and a tape measure.  Directions call for two mounts towards the nose and tail, pointing upward, holding the board from the lower edge, with one mount along the middle of the upper edge, pointing downward.  The opening and closing action of each mount is quite stiff.  Not wanting to use as much force against the mounts and drywall anchors when putting up my boards, I modified them.  (Engineers, stop reading the next section) I used the 1/16” drill bit to remove the majority of the locking nubs.  (See photo number four.)  I removed material until the mounts opened and closed smoothly, with light force.  (Photo three shows how the mounts swing sideways to receive the board). After that, installation was as easy as taking some measurements, marking hole location for the top mount, using the 13/64” bit to drill the drywall for the enclosed drywall anchors, installation of anchors with the #3 Phillips and then attachment of the top mount with the screws and the #2 Phillips.  The two upward pointing mounts were attached so they’d hold the lower edge of the board level.  Use your best judgment to provide maybe 1/2” of clearance between the top edge of your board and the inside of the top mount so it easily fits without being too tight.  

Overall, I was pleased with the mounts, once I modified them.  A little thin neoprene or felt, contact cemented to the contact points, to protect the board will probably finish this simple project.  Colors are gloss black and pure white.  Any yellow tinge in these photos is simply an artifact of home lighting.





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