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Originally posted by RDY_2_Carve

I'd love to see the look on a bootfitters face when you bring these in!

Octopus liners!

Has anybody ever seen or used these before?!?!


I've seen them at Surefoot as the Ebay link suggested... although I've never seen the liner just sitting there with all the tubes attached at the same time.

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I'm currently using them in my good old SB121! At a time ( 1995) , Raichle made it possible to buy the shell, without the liner, just for this purpose ( injected liners).

It is such a glove on the legs/feet, that it is zillion times more precise than any other kind of liner.... downside is it presses the leg so much that you need to release all most buckles after each slope ( or the blood pressure is so painful you can pass out !)...BUT: its precise, and in case you have pain with every other kind of boots, this is the footglove stuff.

After the PU foam is injected , it takes like 15 mins to dry, then the octopus tentacles are cut / teared out to make the liner look like a liner :).

My 2cts: when you get an injected liner: be sure NOT to wear too thin socks otherwise the little room you need to get comfy will be close to zero! Wear mid/thick size socks so you can ride using thin ones afterwards!

Interesting price for the liners on ebay, but you need someone that knows the job to inject the foam, and also a custom made footbed inside! Not a do it at home stuff!


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Guest Randy S.

Surefoot uses them all the time. In fact, they now have Conform'able make them with Surefoot's name on them. They're supposed to be awesome from what I've heard. Expensive though.

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Guest jeremiah

They have either those exact liners or something very similar at Starting Gate. I'm not sure how they would feel about fitting them if purchased elsewhere. I can't remember the price at Starting Gate, but I think it was in the $300 range. If you're in the NE, you might give them a call.


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