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First days on alpine equipment

Guest Redman

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Guest Redman

I finally got to ride an alpine setup these past 2 days and am pretty stoked to be learnig a new art. I must say that I am suprised by the level of difficulty riding this type of equipment presents. I've been riding softies since the late 80s and this is pretty much my first foray into alpine. I'm a bit frustrated with my progress as I expected to just hop on and be ripping sick trenches at the end of the first day... not quite the case! It seems I've got some bad habits to break and a whole lot more to learn.

The first thing I noticed is the different muscles used in alpine, especially the front quad and also how much more strength it takes to ride. I can't remember ever feeling the burn like that in my legs. The only thing that comes close is the rear leg in powder.

The second most noticeable difference is the power of the board. I had the thing get away from me a few times and thought he ski patrol would be picking me out of the woods for sure.

There are of course many other differences but I'll end with the technical aspects that I've really never paid attention to such as articulation at the hips or "opening up" in my turns. I find it very difficult to keep my upper body perpendicular to the nose of the board. I've pretty much always followed my head around the turn. I'm progressing ok with the articulation because I can feel how it affects the turns, especially heelside for some reason. Time to delve into those tech articles I've only skimmed.

So after having my butt whipped by the board for a couple of days it's off to bed and a day of rest tomorrow.


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I just took up HB's this season and lived exactly what you described and with 40+days under the belt in HB, I will tell you it takes time, some help from fellow HB riders. I ended up in the woods a few times this season, simply b/c the board would hook into a turn and I wasnt skilled enough to get out.

Feel free to give me a call, rather then typing and I'll throw in some noob input, since I just lived what you are going thru. One of my biggest helps was having another carver with me and fortunatley he is a technique freak, Jesse. He helped me get back to basics and learn to work on focusing on proper turn tech rather than just bombing the hill.

Drop me an email and I can call you back just to chat.

Also interested in what equipment you are on.

I ride a Volant GS 172 and a Donek Axis 182.

Talk to you soon


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Guest astan100

I did my first day yesterday as well and I'm still a bit awkward.

I had a lot of trouble because it was late season, a little mushy, and there were tons of mini-moguls on the chewed slopes. So I'd some and go flying.

You're not alone!

I did lay out some nice carves here and there though. This board really sticks to a line once you set it on one. It's a little crazy.

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