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Greek Peak

Guest dragon fly jones

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Guest astan100

I went there all last season while I finished up college...it isn't large or good, but it's super cheap if you're a student.

I've heard it is the largest mountain in the area. I can't give you much detail from a carving perspective because I started there as a beginner. There are about 15 real trails there and some good mogul runs (if you're into that). Try your hardest to stay away from the greens and easy blues because they are narrow and there are people clogging it up.


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It's my home hill. It's small...the runs are short compared to Vermont etc but it's a nice local place to get your fix. $229 for a season pass which includes night skiing. There is a small but grownig group of hardbooters. It has about three runs that are OK for carving. It's certainly nothing to write home about but I'm very grateful that it exists! I got about 60 day there last year...a lot less this year. I'd be glad to answer any specific questions. Curious....why in the world would you be inquiring about Greek Peak of all places?

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