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Burton R17, Völkl RT 173, Raichle Boots, Burton Bullet, and Burton Freestyle Boots


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Hi there!


I’ve a few snowboards and boots for sale.


Based in Poland, but will happily arrange a courier to wherever (costs will depend on your location).


I bought them (used) a few years ago thinking I’d move into hard boot boarding, but couldn’t really get into it properly, and have lost my motivation!


Happy to discuss prices and bundles - I’ve done my best to work out fair prices based on what’s available and what I paid for everything, but it’s difficult to price these “niche” things, so let’s talk 🙂


Here’s what’s available, with a brief description, and prices:


— Burton R17 ADDICTED 5.4fse-190 [with Burton bindings] (1540mm length) —


Good condition (base is excellent) with just a couple of marks on the top sheet and a slight scratch on the base (see pictures).


PRICE: €90


— Völkl RT173 GS [with Völkl bindings] (1730mm length) —


Fair condition, with a couple of deeper scratches in the base, some marks on the top and a few chips on the nose (see pictures).


PRICE: €60


— Burton Bullet ’62’ Snowboard (Wide) [with Burton Mission bindings] —


(I’ve actually had this one from new for almost 15 years! But in that time it’s probably only had a grand total of 8-10 weeks on the snow, I’d estimate). Good condition with a few marks on the top sheet and a couple of scratches on the base (see pictures).


PRICE: €30


— Raichle ‘twothirteen’ hard boots (Mondo Size 28) —


As with the alpine boards, I’ve only used these sporadically for a grand total of a couple of weeks.


All the straps and everything are in good condition. The inner boots are okay (with new inner soles). There’s some kind of glue/wax residue on the inside-left shin (see pictures).


PRICE: €30


— Burton Freestyle Boots (Euro Size 46) —


As with the Burton board, I’ve had these from new. They’re warm, comfortable, and in generally good condition. The inner boots are are in good condition.


PRICE: €20





RT 1.jpg

RT Detail 1.jpg

RT Detail 2.jpg

RT Detail 3.jpg

RT Detail 5.jpg

RT Detail 6.jpg

R17 1.jpg

R17 2.jpg

R17 Detail 1.jpg

R17 Detail 2.jpg

R17 Detail 3.jpg

Burton 1.jpg

Burton 2.jpg

Burton Detail 1.jpg

Burton Detail 2.jpg

Burton Detail 3.jpg

Burton Detail 4.jpg

burton Detail 5.jpg

Raichle 1.jpg

Raichle 2.jpg

Raichle 3.jpg

Raichle 4.jpg

Raichle 5.jpg

Raichle 6.jpg

Burton Boots 1.jpg

Burton Boots 2.jpg

Burton Boots 3.jpg

Burton Boots 4.jpg

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