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College results???


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Thanks for the info. I was under the impression that they were going to run a PGS. I also wonder why they didn't.

Congrats to Seth he spent some time training with us to get ready for this race. He was set on doing ten runs, looks like he only needed two though.

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Guest jeremiah

Did they hold these races at Brundage or at the Little Ski Hill? I wish I would have known about this, would have asked my parents to go get some video.

I assume that ACI stands for Alberson's College of Idaho, right? I can remember them winning the national championship in the 80s when they were just College of Idaho. Hell, I got my racestock Lacroix Mach Racing GS skis from one of their racers, because they were running exclusively Fischers back then. Last pair of skis I ever bought, really really good at going fast. Not so good in the bumps :)


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