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free soft boots


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doubtful, but...anyone want these?


theyre kinda like old burton freestyles from around 95? good condition, plenty of life left in em

mens size 9. NO LINERS but maybe someone has liners layin around?

on the other hand, if someone DOES have liners and doesnt want them or these boots, maybe they can send me the liners so I can set these up for someone...who knows

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I cant remember what model those were, but I think it was back in the day when they made only 2 models. Looking at the shape of the top of the cuff, as well as the extra support strap, I'd say that is the "comp"? model, not the "freestyle"? model. The comp used a ski boot inner bladder/liner, it actually gave decent support when used with one of their many incarnations of the 3 buckle bindings. I used to carve at one time with such a beast. I actually had to MAKE my own firat pair, Burton was always sold out of boots. I took a Sorel type boot, put a leather Caber "comp" skiboot liner in them, and actually punched out and installed my own eyelets to have a laceable inner boot. Oh, those were the days!This boot has potential, drop a skiboot liner that fits in the outer shell/cuff,, find out the mondo size and recycle them to someone who prefers a 3 buckle soft binding!

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I thought that red symbol was a red "B". Seems like all softies back then looked pretty much the same, I think the mold for the rubber lower is identical. I think I may have sold this brand back in the day, that funky support strap is makin'my mind work overtime at the momentbecause it looks so familiar.

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yeah...theyre certainly retro, certainly old, but they WOULD work for someone, with liners, who had NO money and wanted to ride.

thats the only reason I posted em. Guess Ill just give em to the thrift store

anyone got liners I could put in em to make them usable?

oh..the logo on the side is a G too...?

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G is for Grunge! It was a cheaper off brand we carried in our store. They beg, borrowed or stole the molds/lasts, or just had Dalbello make 'em in China, when Burton moved on to the Loafer era boots. Aaaahhh!! so long ago, so far away :D

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