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WTB: Step ins (preferably) and Mondo Size 28 Boots

Guest astan100

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Guest astan100

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a beginner setup and need some bindings and boots. I would prefer a boot that isn't too stiff because I've never ridden in hardboots before. I'd prefer step-ins, but I will consider standard bindings if someone has a set of boots/bindings that they want to get rid of.

Let me know what you guys have. I live in NJ, so shipping would be to there.

I'd like to stay away from Burton stuff because they're getting out of the Alpine board game and I don't want to deal with broken pieces that are hard to find.


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Guest astan100

Oh man, I totally forgot about your 1st post. I wasn't ignoring you on pupose.

I picked up step in bindings (Catek Olympics), so I think the boot wont' work for me.

Sorry man.

This boot search is goin to be tough I think.

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...as much as I love my super-stiff ski boots, I'm very happy with my softer raichles - but I'm only 125 lbs ;). I paid very little for my hardly used ones, but small sized gear (size 23 boots, 150cm-ish boards) seems to be a lot cheaper around here. The boots alone pobably shouldn't cost you more than $100. However, if the ebay offer includes the intec heels ($50 new), you might have to adjust that number up a bit.

In any case, might be worth watching...

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