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Anyone use one of the Donek Pilot boards?

Looking at one for my daughter who is just starting out.  Trying to decide on the 152, 157 or 158 model for her.

Any information would be helpful on making a choice on a model size.

She's 14 yrs old, approx 125-135 lbs, 5'6"... Has given up ski racing and trying something new.

She's currently trying out an old Burton Alp, but its pretty tired. 


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My son is using a Pilot 140cm since he was 9. It was a little firm for him at that age but now at age 12 he's able to bend it just fine. He's 115lbs maybe and 5' 0". No issues at all with the construction of the board. Top notch...he's been skiing since 1 and riding softboots since 5.

Way back I used to race a 157cm board in SL with a 9m radius on toeside and 8.33 in heel. And I'm 150lbs 5' 11"....the pilot has a SL like radius and I think men still race about 157-163cm so would think the 152cm would be best for her if it is a SL radius....something in an 10m-11m radius in a 158cm would be a more GS like carve for that height/weight.

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