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Boot sizing advise


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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a new pair of boots to replace my reactors, as the liners are worn out and I want a boot suitable for intec stepin.

I'm considering Deeluce indys, and want some advice on sizing. There aren't any local shops who can supply decent advice so I'll have to figure it out myself. I tried on a pair of 29.0 and 30.0. The 29's seem to be the ones I should go for. The 30's are a bit roomy and the 29's enclose my feet very well. Some questions:

-My big toe just touches the front, can I make some extra room for that by thermoflexing?

-When I put my foot in the shell without the liner, there is about 15mm of left behind my heel when my toe touches, is that correct?

I did not have a chance to try on the suzuka, how do they compare in flex and functionality? I think I'd like a boot that is slightly softer than the indy?

Thanks in advance,


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Guest Pre School Rider

Tim,boots are tpugh to figure out online,but the info you gave seems to point towards your getting a size 29 mondo boot. 15mm of space in 'shell fitting' is pretty good usually.Both Thermofitting (done properly) and footbeds (again,fitted correctly) can keep your toe{s} from getting squished too much.The Suzuka is softer than the Indy.It's the cuff and forward lean that differ the most in those boots,with (I think?) the Indy having stiffer shell plastic.If you freecarve or ride in some softer snow conditions,the Suzuka may be 'just enough' boot for you.If you Race,or are aggresive in your carving,then a nod goes to the Indy.

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