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2 days of alpine racing in north central WA!


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Hey all, this is short notice (cause we just got snow and opened?!?!?), but the Loup Loup Ski Bowl is hosting a two day alpine competition as part of the Inland Northwest Snowboard Series. And we are going to pack the racing in, so if you want a full weekend of racing this is your chance. Date is March 8 and 9th. Saturday will be two full GS races (thats 4 runs) and Sunday is two full slalom races (again 4 runs). We have a great racing pitch and have put on a great comp we are told. Any questions contact Gene Shull, coach of the Loup Snowboard Team at loupsnowboardteam@gmail.com or 509 429 3891. We are short staffed this year so if anyone wants to come a day early to help set up, it will be me and my 10 yo son setting up. Thanks, Gene

Check out our hill at skitheloup.com

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They do put on a good event! It was my first ever USASA event last year and worth the long drive.(Make sure to top off the gas tank before leaving the freeway,hehe)I wish I could be there this year but I live in Utah now.It's good to see that racing is being kept alive in the Northwest!

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Hey thanks you guys. bet there is some good trenches to be layed in UT. Glad your coming back OhD, look forward to seeing you. I just got a kid who wants to be on the team next year and he rides plates, stoked on that. gene

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