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Thanks for a awesome time in Aspen


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Hi everybody,

I'm finally back home in germany. Now is the time to say thanks to everybody I met in Aspen for the SES and the days after. I was staying for my second time with Joerg and his friends from switzerland. The few days (I had 12) blew my mind away! It was so amazing.

I arrived in the morning of saturday after the real big dump of snow. I was lucky enough to get not stuck in Chicago. My flight was redirected from Aspen to Denver. So I had to drive another few hours in the middle of the night, but fortunately I met a great guy who was heading the same way as I. He was driving the whole way. To be honest, after 25 hours from my start in germany, I wasn't able to drive by myself! So even if you are not reading this, but thank you Skip!

Even after only 2 hours sleep, I was eager to hit the slopes. My luggage (everything besides my boots) was a few hours behind me in Denver, but because of the generous help of Dale (Donek Snowboards) I could ride the first day. Thank you Dale for the pants!

Also thank you Sean for letting me try your boards and a big sorry, because I damaged one!

Hollywood Joe, it was great doing a few runs with you. The evening with Heinz (Oxess), the other guy from Germany and you was also great fun. I hope you had a few good days in Jackson Hole as well!

I hope no one is angry with me, but unfortunetaly there were quite a few Mikes and Dans, so I was asking sometimes more than once for your names. But it was great riding with all of you!

Thanks for the awesome time! I promise, I'll come back!

Christian from Germany

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