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Converting conventional bail bindings to step in?

Unicorn Poop

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So I did some searching and couldn't come up with anything about this...

I have a set of F2 Titaniums and judging by the pictures, the only difference between it and the F2 Intecs are the toe and heel pieces. Can I order those pieces to convert my bindings, or do I need a whole new set of bindings?

If this has been covered, can I get a link to the thread so I can further my knowledge? Thanks!

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It is typically faster/ cheaper/ less hassle to simply buy a new pair and sell the others.

Good time to change to another brand/style if that has been a consideration?

TD3 SW Step Ins maybe? Not cheap but seriously sweet option soon.

You might also try a post for a trade in classifieds. The draw back is you are likely to be without for a time.

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