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Pow Board anyone?


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on days that start with POW

$sold shipped

I bought this 168cm Gyrator NEW in 2009 and ONLY rode it on days the begin with POW... I would say I have put 10 good powder days on it and it shows. This board is extremely clean with a very small superficial notch on the nose (see pic). I take great care of my gear and this board was no exception as it was babied. I'm refocusing my riding style so this board will go unused and I want it to go to a home that appreciates it for what it is. The Rocker on this particular years Gyrator is like that of no other. It is most certainly more extreme then newer years, thus is more geared to the deep pow days and not so much the groomers. This board should go to a home with someone that has more then one board in their quiver and only be used when 4 inches or more falls (my rule was 1/2 foot). I don't think I am going out on a limb here when I say this year, size and condition is hard to find. Side walls are amazingly clean, NO major dings on topsheet or base, and flexes as if brand new. You will not be disappointed and my only fear here is that I may regret selling it. I can email you more pictures at your request.

Concentrating on hardbooting... need space



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