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Liners in Raichle AF700


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Having now got my hard boot setup et al and looking to hit the slopes in a couple weeks (wherever the cheap deals are in Europe at that time (02/02/13 for 1 week if anyone wants to join us for a cheap week)) I was wondering if the standard liner on AF700s is moldable at all? Below is the RH liner and it has a crimp/crease in it where it has been caught up by it's previous owner. Now I was wondering if this area could be heated (possibly by hair dryer?) and be re-shaped without the crease. Now having not ridden in them yet I don't know if it will be a major problem but I could feel it just wearing them round the house.

Before anyone says Bootfitter, they are few and far between in South East England (UK) and would probably mean a day off work and a trip to London so not really an option. If I get into the whole HB thing (and I pray I do as Softies were driving me nuts) then I may splash out on some thermo liners for next season.


Also the boots have the RAB system fitted and I was wondering on what peoples views would be on how stiff I should have them starting out. Obviously this is very personal but I really don't want to spend ages on my arse as have such limited time on the snow? My thoughts are to start with it wound down for a softer feel and then stiffen as I feel necessary. Running an F2 Speedcross with Proflex Intec bindings

Many thanks



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You need to be real careful when you put your boots on /and take them off/ to make sure the liner is in the right place. The crimp will eventually go away, a hairdryer might help but the best thing to do is to put them on properly and wak around with them for a few hours.

I run my RAB oddly, mainly because I ride a skwal most of the time. It's a personal thing, but I'd set the forward lean as you like it then make it pretty tight. Frankly, the RAB is a bit of a badly-designed waste of time anyway, IMO.

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