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47 y/o rookie looking for complete hard boot set up - 6'1", 180lbs


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I'm a 47 year old guy, been riding for 10+ years. Saw a guy on hardboots at whistler and thought 'i've got to try that!'

i bought a sector 9 longboard with gullwing sidewinder trucks that i ride during the summer; that's the feeling i'm looking for on a board.

was starting to get a set up on soft boots w/ risers, stiff boots and bindings and it was suggested to see what I can get used on here.

I'm 6' 1", weigh 180 lbs, extremely fit. I've never really progressed past blue groomers on my board cause I never wanted to, had fun enough on on the blue groomers. the fun goes away when the back end breaks loose. Shoe size is 10.5, soft boots I wear 10.

got something that might work? let me know.


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First, click on "resources" at the top of the home page. Read the "new carver" info, you'll need it to make all the decisions that will face you in getting equipment. After that's digested, talk to the guys at Prior or Donek, a suitable demo from either manufacturer will be a fantastic start. Of course you can also get everything you need in the bomber store!

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Welcome to Bomber Online Forum.

If you get down to Portland , Oregon , I can perhaps be of help. I have some gear to loan or sell. It is always helpful to put "hands on" the gear to get a better idea what will work for you.

Boots are perhaps the most important item. Know your "Mondo Point".


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