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Alpine comp in north central WA this March


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Hey all you hardbooters in <st1:state w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Washington</st1:place></st1:state> and nearby, we are again puttingon a GS race at the Loup Loup Ski Bowl. Check out the hill at www.skitheloup.com . Our race will beMarch 10th. Depending on how many competitors we get, we will eitherdo a GS and SL or just a GS. That is, if the numbers are low, we will have timeto reset for a SL during the day. This will be our 3rd race and aregetting pretty good at setting a fun course. We use the real snowboard gatestoo!

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We are fortunate to have an exceptional run for an alpinerace with just the right amount of steepness and its good for spectators too.

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Our race is part of the United States of America SnowboardAssociation that is a national amateur organization. If you have any questions,you can email me (Gene) at Loupsnowboardteam@gmail.com.Hope to see you there.

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Loup Snowboard Team

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Having raced at LoupLoup last year, I can attest that Gene and the crew put on a well-organized event and set good courses on an impeccably-prepared run. I didn't collect any statistics on the length, pitch and spacing, but everything looked and felt comparable to Schweitzer and Copper, although the GS and SL courses were set on the same timing system over the same length (unlike Copper, where the GS course was significantly longer). The Loup is inexpensive and friendly and is operated by a non-profit Ski Educational Foundation. Well worth the drive for a weekend - and the drive can be pretty nice too.

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