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WTB: 90s Morrow Spoon and Burton asymmetical (goofy)


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I have a Burton M6 Goofy with soft-boot bindings available. It's clean and I used it 2 seasons ago most recently (Illinois winters suck). I have just created a new profile here at Bomber due to password problems and emails that are outdated, I used to be known as Redrabit1. I collect snowboards and have a few others that are not asym. I am versed in shipping/packing them. The board is the blue/white version (kinda 50/50) I believe a 1991 model. It's honestly too small for me, but fun to ride. let me know if you are interested. You can reach me direct at redrabit1@yahoo.com

Thanks- Brad W.

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I have a PJ6 in decent shape, some gate rash on the nose and general dings and nicks around the edges of the top sheet. The base is bone dry but otherwise in good shape, it has some binding suck on the front binding but otherwise no serious scratches and it has a decent grind. It's funny, I happened to take this picture earlier today for a different reason. I can take more if you'd like. Since it's sounding like you want to ride it with the original bindings I'm going to hold on to those, nobody should be riding bindings of that vintage.


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