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Coiler 171 VSR AM VSR 10.5/12/11m x 20 wide - Used only 1/2 a day last week! $750


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I just received this Coiler All Mountain (AM) Variable Side Cut (VSR) 171 two weeks ago and road only for a ½ a day at Loveland on incredible snow. The board is in perfect shape, not even a scratch and ready to carve!

The measurements from Bruce are 10.5/12/11m x 20 wide and built for my weight of 175 lbs. I paid $1,000 for it just two weeks ago and would let it go for $750 after riding it for ½ a day. Call me crazy!

If you know Coiler's, you can’t get his boards very fast due to the demand and production time-frames.

Here is a review from another rider who send Bruce his feedback:

“Wanted to give you a quick review of the new AM 171. It took a while

for me to get it out as we had some epic snows and then it got warm

and windy which got me out wavesailing and distracted from carving.

Luckily late season storm got us some fresh and cold temps.

In short, the board is just ridiculous. There is just nothing I

cannot do on it. Short arcs, big arcs, slow speed, high speed. And

it's is so light and short I was getting a little air between turns

and then driving the edge down really hard and it never gave way. It

gives new meaning to the idea of unlimited edge grip. Not sure how

you pull this off in the shortest deck I have ridden in since getting

off my beginner board 10 yrs ago, but it is freakin' brilliant. It

still has that friendly "soft between the feet" of my classic glass AM

177s and is probably the easiest board I have ever ridden.

Now my only problem is what to do with the Monster, not sure I need it

beyond riding powder/soft days. I am concerned you are making too

many of your own designs obsolete!”

If you would like more detailed pics or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to respond or send me a note to:






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