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Wtb upz rc10


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WTB UPZ RC10 boot in nice condition.

Shell size 312mm: that's US9-9.5-10. I need US10 (280mm liner) if you got one - that'd be great. But i can take it without liner, shell only.

Shipping to Boston, MA(even I'm in Kazachstan). Payment via Paypal.

Let me know, if you have something.

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I have a pair of 2012 RC10 28.5 / white. I have worn them three times and they are in brand new condition. My heel lifts out of the boot. Need to go back to DeeLuxe. These are "new". Will consider $600 plus shipping.

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Dan Yoja has a pair in green 28.5 on sale for $525 brand new on his website

I have a used pair in Grey/Gunmetal 28.5 with brand new liner (I used SureFoot liner from day 1) that I will sell for XXX.XX plus shipping. I can do local pickup/dropoff in Boston. I live 10 min from the city.

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I'm not sure, but size table says, that 28.5 comes with 324 mm shell, right?

White RC10 are 11-12 season and, as jskyhawk said, they're for sale on Dan's website for $525 with free shipping. $600(or $525 how you entered first) for three day "new" boots... uhh..

I'm already paid for boots, and they're shipped last week. So I'm somewhere between WTB and Got the boots. Anyway, thanks for your responses!

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