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Hitting Japan 2-8 Jan if anyone is in hokkaido.....


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Sorry for the post but I will be heading to Japan sahoro 2-4 jan faruno 5-8 jan shooting a small segment for tv and also doing some riding.

If anyone is around to join and wants to do some riding let me know by pm.

I also have a bunch of gear including various old boards and bindings if u Japanese guys need stuff.

First time riding since 2006 so could be a bit rough.....

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Yes, it's a trip with the TV network I shoot for, doing a small segment of snow in Japan (always nice to get a free trip, one of life's few perks) and after we made our arrangements, the cameraman hasn't been able to secure a VISA in time, so it's going to be a bit of a one man special.

The resorts in Niseko have offered to fund a 2nd trip out promoting snow for the 2013/14 season on air at the end of this year, so I will be visiting Rusutsu (and probably also Niseko) in around March/April.

Can't believe the weather forecasts though. -21!!! Over here we think it is freezing at the moment as Bangkok is about 26 degrees celcius today....

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Ahh that explains it. Sahoro is a Club Med resort. VERY nice but maybe a little boring on the hill. -26 is unheard of in and around Niseko. Sahoro is more inland and much cooler. Dress well!

When you head up again in March let me know. l'd be more than happy to hook up for a blast (^_^)

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