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FIS World Cup PGS Sudelfeld & SBX in Kongsberg are cancelled


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Germanys only FIS Worldcup tour stop seems to be cancelled due to economical reasons.

Bayrischzell in Bavarian County was not able to get enough sponsors for the alpine snowboarding race on Sudelfeld hill.


Alpine Snowboarding is broken-in near to zero around the Alpes. Germany was once worlds biggest market for Alpine snowboarding gear. Even whole snowboard sales figures are now less, or around 10 % only compared to ski sales. Overall European ski & snowboard market is broken-in at least 10% last season. Someones talk about 20% less skis are selling.

Norwegian FIS snowboardcross World Cup competition in Kongsberg has been cancelled due to economical reasons too.

What we learn: Snowboarding is turning more and more to most boring wintersports in Europe. Even bright lights of stars like German Peter Bauer and Norwegian Terje Håkonsen doesn't help anymore.

There are other countries now with raising figures on snowboarding and Alpine snowboarding around the world. But this wouldn't give any stimulus to Europe. Skill of riders is mostly not that high, courses not as spectacular, even like we can see on many FIS races (HP/SBX/PGS/PSL) too. So there will not be anymore interessts for downgraded sports in Europe. Even not if compared to skill and courses in earlier Years.

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Thats just the difference between FIS and TTR 6-star. At FIS the entire town come out for it and the pre-race party. At TTR 6star the entire snowboarder are comming from arround and from far away for it and the pre-party. And there will start an event party and a post-party too. And because of full-house, many snowboarders go to all that side-party.

Shame on what?

- Shame on Telluride? No more snowboarding like many Years, but now Skicross World Cup like on same weekend of December for sure.

- Shame on Landgraaf? Well, snowboarding in a hall never will take people interests.

This winter alpine snowbording world races starts at latest date, since first world championship in 1987.

What happens with big LG letter above start gate at Lake of Carezza race last Friday. Replaced by a local beer brand on bottom? (Forst beer)

O.k., I was out on snow today too.

Look at that, what I saw driving up to resort. Photo from far away through the dust with my tele-lenses:


It seems, there is still a thin hope.

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