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will Deeluxe size 295 fit my mondo size 295?

Guest shpokas

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Guest shpokas

hi folks,

i'm wondering myself to post such a weird topic here, but...

the sad story is i can't buy a decent pair of boots here in latvia and not in whole baltics, (out of stock etc.reasons):mad:

i could (and can) order them via internet (bluetomato.at or bomber's store), but without trying them first i'm a bit afraid to get them too big or small...

i sold my previous ones (head size 305) which were really way too big (but was a good deal then :/).

i used to have blax size 295 which fit me very well.

i've measured mondo size - it's 295, no bigger (according to instructions found here) .

maybe someone can say - yes, i have approx the same mondo size and deeluxe boots with size 295/290/300 fits me?

many thanks in advance,


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Are your feet in general wide, medium, or narrow? I wouldn't go for deeluxe boots if you have a wide foot. Head would be a better choice. As for your size, I would think 29 would be a good choice if you actual cm measurement is 29,5 though perhaps 28,5 would be a good choice if you can find a pair. I'm 26,7 and my Deeluxe Indy 26 boots are just right for me and my medium-narrow feet.

Hope this helps.



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