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Raichle LeMans Deeluxe $175 and 324 Parts boots


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I am selling these boots together,

The LeMans Deeluxe are Mondo 29 and I wore them for one season before I decided to get a bigger boot (they are 1 size too small for me). The liners were professionally molded once. They have some scratches on the side but they work perfect and the liners do not smell at all. This was a top of the line boot that I paid over $450 for new only a few years ago. Everything on this boot works.

The 324 are mondo 30 are really beat (5 seasons or more) the liners were torched on a heater. All the buckles work and the toe pads are fresh. The heel pads are gone and I drilled 3 small holes in the bottoms of these boots (3/8"). I am selling these boots as a "parts only" boot. Everything works, but they have probably 1000 hours on them. The buckles and locking mech in the back will work on the Lemans boot above.

I live in Ithaca, NY but price includes shipping to Cont US. If you are not satisfied within 2 weeks you can send them back for the full purcahse price minus the shipping. My ebay seller is gridlok2 and I have bought and sold about $40,000 worth of sporting gear with no returns, 100% feedback. Paypal only.




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