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Last minute night session 2/19?


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Well, that was fun and insane. The drive up was tough, but the drive down was on a whole different level - they closed the 38 to redlands, had to go through Lucerne valley. I couldn't even see the road or where I was supposed to go. It's a good thing I just got my bro's hand me down Droid last week, which has GPS NAV on it, saved my ass. I was pretty much staring down at the thing to figure out when the turns were coming up. hahaha. anyway, enough driving. Oh yeah, and Aaron, if you're reading this - YES, i turned on the 4wd this time ;)

Conditions were awesome and so worth it - I just wish I had gotten there a bit sooner. Still, half-night session, with voucher - cost me $14 bucks to ride tonight, cool deal. Endless pow, no lift lines.

3800 was a dream :1luvu::1luvu:. I prefer it to my last Tanker 192 in pow (the 182 never got to see pow before my breaking it) - final verdict on the Tanker 192 in pow is that it's too narrow and a bit unweildy in the chop. The 3800 is so smooth and just floats. It's super fast and stable in the pow with fresh wax (brushing only, no scraping). I was riding faster than everyone out there and just surfing on top of the stuff. It's extremely agile too and pulled through when for sure I thought I'd eat snow. Awesome session, i could go on and on, but I won't.

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