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Burton Alp 7.1 & 5.6, Oxygen 147


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Looking for new home.

Burton Alp 171: Waist Width 21.5cm, Nice condition. $120 shipped. -----SOLD!

Burton Alp 156: Waist Width 20.0cm, Nice condition. $100 shipped. -----SOLD!

Oxygen 147: Waist Width 20.0cm, Good for youth. $50 shipped. -----SOLD!

Payment by PayPal. Shipping to Lower 48 States only.




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Thanks for your interest.

Alp was bought as new in 2007 though it was built perhaps arnd 2000. My son rode on it approx 10 days. Very clean. Wanted to keep it but need more room in garage.

Oxygen was bought in 2005 as used. It is well used. Some minor scratches on base. If you want to buy it with Alp 5.6, pay me $20 for Oxygen. I can ship it in a same package.

As for bindings, I have Catek OS1 Step-Ins with long plates which can be $100 shipped. -----SOLD!


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Great, we have a deal on both boards, the 5.6 Alp and the 147 Oxygen. We will take the catek bindings also as long as they fit a Mondo 24 size boot and fit onto both boards we are getting from you. I will try look into that or you or somebody on this forum might already know.

Since you seem to have quite some gear: Any chance you have a set of 4 by 4 plates to mount burton race plates onto a Oxygen board? I have burton bindings that I would like to put on an oxygen board. If you do I could really use them. Thanks

We can do paypal if that works our for you. Send us an email to bomber at sophiedesign.com and we can agree on payment.

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Looked into the cateks and unless it changed from OS1 to OS2 the long base should work as itcovers all shoe sizes...therefore we will take the binding also. Please email to bomber at sophiedesign.com so we can take care of payment. We are excited to try out the boards and bindings. Thanks in advance.

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