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SG Speed 178 and Oxygen Proton 160


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Selling my almost new SG Speed 178. It is an 09 model I believe. Just bought it and have only riden it 2 days. Fun board. A little on the stiff side for my weight/abilities. Buying a metal Coiler so this has to go so my wife doesn't kill me! Base is a 9.5 out of 10 Very light scratches. Will send with fresh coat of wax. Edges are perfect. Topsheet is almost perfect. There is a very small area that has very fine crack marks. See pic. Specs are 149 running length, 19.4 cm waist, 13.3M sidecut, and 50cm reference stance. Bindings are not included. Asking $425 shipped in the lower 48.




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It is a SL board. I believe it is a 2008 model. Has titanal butterflys. Very fun snappy board. Stance will only go out to about 20" if you are centered in the outer inserts. I think this is 21cm wide. Has a 10M sidecut. Not sure about the EE but looks to be around 140 cm. Board is pretty damp and holds a great edge. Nice for tight turns on busy slopes. Base is a 9 with only very minor scratchs. Edges are nice and sharp. The topsheet has some scuffing from bindings, but otherwise is very good. Will sell for $250 shipped in lower 48. Won't budge on the price. If I don't sell I will still ride it. Don't really need this board but like it alot.

Will take paypal on either one. If you are coming to Telluride anytime soon I can take some off for shipping.

E-mail me at jenintmk3 @ yahoo.com (remove spaces). Thanks for looking :biggthump



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Can offer bindings with the SG for additional $'s.


1. older SnowPro Race + $50

2. like new Nidecker Freecarve + $50 (I just bought these last fall for $100 new)

3. SnowPro Race with F.A.S.T. step in. New heels included. + $60

4. TD1s step ins. no/heels 3 deg and purple bumpers + $100 (will have these next week when my friend gets back in town that is using them).

5. TD1 standard 3 deg cants, purple bumpers in like new condition + $110

Just add the price of bindings to board costs and will ship both for that price. Will only sell one set of bindings with the board as I use them on multiple set ups I have.

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