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Donek 179 FCII Alpine Hard Boot Carving Snowboard


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First off I do my own edges and hot waxing. Edges are 1*base +.5* Side.

I put a quick wax on after every day after the 3-6 times per year I ride, and beng that I am so lazy about scraping and corking so the bases (since I am not racing I just let the snow do the work) they have been very protected for the light amount of use I am able to give them. Living out west I am finding that my lazy ego likes looking for powder stashes, so I am thinning out the quiver.

The FCII is Donek's the most forgiving of his longest running producet family the Free Carve seriesboards. Sean (unlike lots part time garage builders) has built a Legitimate and growing business in Colorado. Go to his site for more info on him and his boards. http://www.donek.com/

I have structured the base and kept it in excellent shape. The base and edges are (in some ways) better then new because of the care in the hand tuning I have done. If you live in icy condition then feel free to add .5* - 1.5* more degrees to the side edge but as the is such an excellent carving board out west I did not find it neccessary.

Yes it has some lift line scratches but absolutly noting that affect performance.

The green one on the left is the 179 Donek FC II nothing wrong with this light board.

As measured

Nose 25.4

Waist 19.5

Tail 25.3

Sidecut 11.2

$35 shipping to CONUS, Canada and other locations will be more (buyers outside of CONUS will be responsible for total actual shipping charges).

The weight range for this Donek is #175 - #225 consider that managing/matching the flex is part weight, part speed, and part agressiviness so the board could be a comfy run cruiser or the full tilt hard charging go fast board depending on the Who, Where and How it is ridden.

This board is suprisingly light and is not tired at all. If you have stiff enough bindings and boots it could even be used by soft booters.

Make me an offer sub $300!

ronin42 at yahoo dot com

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