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Donek Olympic Slalom Race 159SL


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Donek custom MacCarron 159 SL Olympic Race board. Rode only twice and never raced. Perfect condition and still has the factory tune and wax. Built by Sean in January 2007 and rode twice in 2007 and that's it!

Model: MacCarron 159 SL

Width: 18.5 CM

Sidecut: 8.5M

Build for me in January 2007

Asking $400 plus shipping.

This board is in absolute perfect shape and condition. Not selling with binding.

If you want more detailed pics, send me a note to barefootskier@comcast.net.







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I weigh 160 and its amazing how you can make this board turn on a dime. Its a racing machine and with the Olympic construction, its really smooth as well. I would say I am an average rider, not a racer but wanted a really fast and quick turning board to navigate the gappers (a.k.a. weekend tourists on Vail) so I had Sean build me a fast racing board. I mostly tele, nordic and alpine, so I never got around to riding the SL board....hence the two rides at Ski Cooper where I had the best day of riding in my life! No crowds and easy slopes.

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