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FS Prior WCR (Glass) 167 & 185


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I have 2 boards that need to be ridden adn no time to ride them

First is a Prior WCR 185x14mx19. It has the red top sheet and black base. I purchased it NOS a few years ago and just dont have the space to ride it locally. Has perhaps 12 days on it. Cosmetically it is in great shape. There is a minor top sheet repair and a minor sidewall lift line ding. Base is in great shape and has never been ground. Asking $400

SOLD Next is a Prior WCR 167x10.6mx19. This was originally a demo board I picked up about 4 years ago. The top sheet on this board has seen better days. There aren't any physical issues with it just blemishes. Base is in great shape and has never been ground. Asking $200

Haven't seen any of these go for sale so I don't have much to compare it to. Pictures are available via email as I can never get hosting to work. Shipping and Paypal are extra.

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Can you let me know what current price is and if you would ship To Toronto, CANADA. Any idea of USPS shipping charge?

Chris Baines

He lives in Ottawa.

Shipping would be about $40 on Greyhound. That is what it cost me to ship a board from Kamloops to Calgary. It was there <12 hours later.

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Is the 185 still available? I am 230lbs, will this board work for me?


Brad this board will work for you as I am about the same weight as you.

That being said I just want you to make sure this is the right board for you. It NEEDS space and speed to be enjoyed. Not sure where you will be riding it (Osler?) but I cant in good conscience sell it without being up front about it!

Shipping the 167 to Montreal on Monday and that will be $35 for shipping just for reference. Expect this one to be slightly more.

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