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Stowe Jan 26th -30th


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Had a season pass there about 2 years ago and rode hard boots almost exclusively (except powder and spring days). You are going to have a blast.

Eighty percent of the time, I did laps off of the high speed quad (ForeRunner). The best runs to do there on your alpine board are Liftline, Hayride, Lord, Nosedive, NorthSlope.

The runs under the gondola and Spruce are not very challenging.

I went over to Spruce mountain 3-4 times all season. if you do venture over there, the best run is Slalom Hill, right under the high speed chair. And I rarely did anything from the gondola (unless I wanted some variety).

If it snows, or you don't want to ride your alpine board, the whole mountain is your oyster. But again, I'd stick to the ForeRunner chair as it is the fastest and has the best terrain (even on powder days). There are a ton of trees and very challenging runs. And the runs are steep enough that you can enjoy them in the powder. But get there early on a powder day. The lift opens at 7:30 and the locals start skiing then, tear up the place and then go on to work. In the afternoon, once the mountain is torn up, you can go over to Spruce and still find some fresh lines.

Finally, the woods all the way to the skiers left off of Chinclip (off of the gondola) are great. At the top of Chinclip, go 200-300 hundred yards into the woods and you will see a ton of lines that people have already taken. You need to ski them with someone else though. You are way out there.

Good luck and have fun. Unfortunately, I can't join you during the week. Have to work. And as for nightlife, I have no idea. I would just drive home and have a beer.



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