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Mammoth Mtn - Female Boarder Dies Chair 12?

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More details................trying to confirm. THIS SUCKS:(

Details are that a 43 year old female snowboarder was reported missing to ski patrol at approx 1:30 PM when her friends told patrol she had been missing since approx 11:30 AM. Patrol found her body in a tree well near the run secret spot in the chair 12 area at approx 4:30 PM. CPR was started immediately, paramedics were called, an ambulance came and she was pronounced dead at (IIRC) 5:05 PM. Very sad, and a chilling reminder that just because you are well within the boundary of a ski resort doesn't mean you are protected from fatal accidents. Always ski with a buddy, especially in the trees and especially on a storm day. Never stop in tree wells.

RIP :(

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That's nuts, what day was it? Saturday? That was a really stormy day, I was up there.

I was actually thinking of heading over to chair 12 from chair 11 (Discovery) and decided against it since I was unfamiliar with the runs/territory and stuck with runs I knew well even though they were tracked out (i was riding solo).

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