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Volkl RT 173 / TD1


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Time to cull the herd a bit.

Volkl 173. Very Used. Bought it 3 years ago from a pro womens racer and used it as my day in day out freecarve board for about 60 days. Edges were thin when I got it and are very thin now. Base has some scratches. Good early/late season board or as a starter. SOLD.

TD1 Standards. 0/3 4X4 disks. Purple bumpers. Allen set screws in the toe clips were replaced with hex bolts because the set screws would poke into the shell of my boots. $100 SHIPPED SOLD



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i'm actually a newbie to snowboarding. i've been skiing for close to 20 years and only this year started snowboarding. east coast skiing has just become too boring and well...easy. so i decided to try a new challange. i've been out a few times, but unfortunately no where rents a hard boot setup which is what i wanted to do. i've done some research and think that this type of board is what i'm looking for in a board. a fast GS style turns, that will grip the east coast ice and allow me to "grip it and rip it". can you help me with any info as a beginner??? ilan

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I recommend you check out the Ride Board Section for your area and try to hook up with some local hardbooters. The ones I've met around the country have been a phenomenally friendly and helpful bunch and could probably steer you in the right direction. Just a suggestion.

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