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New Mexico Invasion? Taos? Santa Fe? Pajarito?


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Sup CO peeps!

Just wanted to see if anybody is interested in a meetup in March?

Conditions are outstanding down here. I looked around at some CO resorts and noticed a lot of 30-50" bases. I do not remember a winter where we've gotten more snow down here than you guys up north.

Not to rub it in but we've been getting hammered the past few weeks. If ever there was a season to LEAVE Colorado to come TO New Mexico this would be it.

The only catch is everything starts going to the crapper by late March so the first couple weeks of March would be the best timeframe. Most of our resorts close on April 1st.

I know it's not the most convienient time since most of you guys are probably cashing in your life savings at SES but I figured it was worth a shot!

Reply here if you guys want to plan something out!



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You'll enjoy Pajarito. Zero lift lines and excellent pitch on the whole mountain. The runs are a little short but it's a small mountain.

Aren't those starting tomorrow?

"RedRiver" will be at Pajarito. My parents are in town so I won't be able to make it, but I am meeting RedRiver over at Santa Fe on Monday.

Conditions are great down here. Come on down!


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