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Snow summit 5th to 8th


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I was there today and should be again tomorrow. Where you there with someone else (silver helmet). Whoever it was, they were laying down some serious carves.

Today was my wifes first day of in seven, so needless to say it was a day for her, otherwise I would have stayed at lift 7 to catch up with you.

It's only my 2nd day in hard boots, so I don't think you'll learn anything from me.

I'll be looking for you! I'll be wearing a rust red jacket, black pants/helmet and riding a blue Burton Coil.

Aaron, if you're reading this - any chance you'll be there tomorrow?

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You guys missed a great day.

The hill was nicely groomed with very little ice and the crowds were down - even on Miracle Mile. Had an absolute blast blasting my legs, which were still pretty sore from the previous days. That bruised hip didn't help either, but none of that stopped me from enjoying the morning and Phillips' company. Danke nochmals fuer das Bier!!

Like I said, the conditions were excellent for carving (I know, 'cause I've done it 3 days now...so that makes me an expert:D) and it should be the same tomorrow. I'll be there again first thing and leave just before lunch (gotta do that work thing).

I know Phillip said he'd be there again. Will you be able to make it Terry?

Anyone else?

See you there

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