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OT - my friend is selling his bike


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For Sale: 2000 Triumph Thunderbird 900, low milage and loaded, $5500

Well folks, another transition-post. My beautiful motorcycle is being sacrificed upon the altar of grad school:

It's a 2000 Triumph Thunderbird with 6k miles, Cardinal and Chrome color scheme, loaded with all these extras:

- Triumph saddlebag rails with custom oversized leather bags

- Triumph Performance pipes (still passes inspection!)

- Triumph Carb jet kit to balance the pipes above

- adds about 10% hp (bringing it to 75hp?)

- Triumph summer screen

- the screen is removable, but I ride with it always; makes it easier to do higher speed highway riding.

- Highway pegs, chrome.

All of the miles have been done on the highway, commuting to work over the past few years. The bike was bought as a previous year model in May 2001 with zero miles (actually, .4 miles) and it's never been dropped. Various things have been added (see above) and and a couple of light covers (the colored lenses) have been replaced due to cracking as well as a replacement coil. The bike has also been garaged all the time it's not been ridden since I bought it.

Pictures are available here:


I can be contacted at 617-794-1479 and live a bit south of Boston - would be happy to deliver the bike anywhere in New England.

Please feel free to forward this post!



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