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Anybody know good place to get gears around Boston?

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I just moved to Boston, MA and need to get some new gears..

Anybody know good place to get last year models?

Anywhere around here.. massachusetts...

vermont.. Place I can get last year's model that are on sale..


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I hear endless good things about The Starting Gate, up by Stratton Mtn in Vermont, but I've never been myself.

There's not a whole lot of carver-friendly stores around here. If you're looking for bootfitters, that's easier, but retail stores that sell alpine gear are few and far between.

There's one store in Lincoln, NH, that had ONE Burton Ultra Prime (160? I think? didn't measure or say) that was used.

They were asking $300. This was last season.

Oh, let's not forget the veritable stash in my basement. What are you looking for?

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