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space for rent in CO mountains?


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looking into the possibility of running away to the mountains of CO (hell...anywhere in the west with a good hill for both freeriding and carving)

I have a dog...really want him with me. Im clean, dont smoke, and do my best to be considerate and respectful. I dont like piles of dishes or trash...really prefer a tight ship

no smoke, please. current situation smells like a fckin bar and Im over it.

this is all vague because i have no details in mind...would like to spend $500 or less.

I have a small electronic music studio setup that I would bring with me...not loud and I can use headphones when necessary.

just kinda need to _get out_ and I thought maybe someone here might have a lead.

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no need for PM, Im only a little paranoid

Influx1 at adelphia dot net

any help is appreciated

the dog is the main consideration. pretty rare

would LOVE to live within walking/hitching distance of a good hill. hell I dont even care where. in town in breck..snowmass village...whatever...

even good ol steamboat might do.

Id like to be able to party every once in a while, and a steady influx of tourists (read: women) would be icing on the cake!

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