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Any one ever bought a car off of eBay?

C5 Golfer

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yeah, that feedback system is pretty reliable

Especially if someone has a fairly long list. One or two or ten can be faked, but get past that and it would be tough

I have a 660+ rating with about 5 negatives..maybe 6...all very old and all from disgruntled people who had no legitimate complaint (which is why ya always want to look at the actual feedback, not just the rating)

hope it works out C5!

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Originally posted by Justin A.

Never done it, but I have bought a few things that arent cars. Like the others said, check the feedback well, if the seller's was 100%, you should be ok. What kind of car did you get?


It is a rare 5 speed manual 1984 SL Mercedes with a 3.0 dual overhead cam straight six. Not many of these were made specially with a 5 speed - I have a 1980 with a 4 speed and a 2.8 L and have always wanted the 5 speed. I believe hese are some of the best cars ever bult by Mercedes and a blast to drive. The more common V8 models like the 560 , 450, 380 are available only with the a sluggish automatic. Not much fun in a sports car.:cool:

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