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Guest darryl

Hi all hope your summer s going well. I have a quick question. I want to do some racing this winter, and I know all about SL and GL, but I was wondering about the Y format as well as boarder cross racing. I will be buying a Donek Axis for the Boarder cross and the Y format races, but I would like to know if anyone knows of places in the north east that offers the Y format races?

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Guest Randy S.

I raced in a Y format race this season. It was put on by Jeep King of the Mountain. Pretty cool and crazy. It was the first race I'd entered in my life that had jumps (I ski raced in high school in the 80's). I don't know if anyone else has adopted the format. It is a great combination event and works well on TV so maybe someone else will start.

USASA runs some BX races. I don't know about on the east coast, but they do them here in Tahoe. It looks fun but I'm afraid I'd hurt my knees too much doing all the jumps so I'll pass. USASA is pretty well organized and there's the nationals if you do well. Interestingly, only a few Euros were running plate bindings in World Cup BX when I went up to Bachelor this year. Most folks were running softies. I'll bet Catek's freeride bindings would be awesome for BX.

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