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Oh my...


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we'll give you a mulligan cuz you're new.....


great vid, tho

edit: sorry, not "new" , just a low post count.

I'd like to hear more about those custom boards you're building up in North Vancouver, seriously




Jason, tell us more

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...I guess I don't lurk as much as I thought I did : ) Sorry about that, I got excited and thought I'd seen just about every post on here.

As for the boards, I'm located in Calgary now and I have my dream shop over here. I just bought a CNC machine and invested in an in-house graphic sublimation system, so my equipment roster is finally complete (for now : ). I'm running 6 presses, a couple grinders, and all the rest of the usual equipment. It's just me though...no employees. Building boards like a madman and lovin' every minute of it.

There hasn't been too much demand for custom alpine stuff, but I still build them from time to time...mostly for myself and a few friends who carve. I've got a stash of super high-end and rare materials that I save for my alpine boards. I even have a proprietary base material that no one else has. Fastest stuff I've ever built into a board. It keeps things really interesting for me....I'd do it full-time if I could.

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that's pretty awesome Jason,just livin' the dream.:biggthump

Keep us posted here on any alpine stuff you're building.We're an eclectic group and love hearing about projects that involve high end materials and the fastest base available.

as far as doing it full time,

I'm a big fan of Bruce Varsava at Coiler and what's he's putting out for boards.

also, my buddy Mats and his crew are doing some amazing stuff in Sweden


I'm gonna try to make it to thier event this year


maybe have an event up in Whistler ?

there's a few carvers here on BOL from that neck of the Canadian woods, I do believe

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