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Prior 173 metal $435


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Prior 173 WCR metal: $435 + shipping OBO

Base and edges are excellent - with a Mike DiSantis PTC tune to start last season. Topsheet is dinged up (damn stubbies) with a very slight ridge in the topsheet where the board bent in its' travel bag up against the back plastic cant. My son took the board to Race to the Cup at Copper the season before last. Upon returning, his soft bag was lifted by the airlines in such a way that the board bent up against the cant and created the ridge. It literally looks like a ridge that would be created with aluminum foil. NOTHING else was damaged nor is the topsheet lifted/loose/seperating from the board. The edges were not affected and there is no alteration in the base. Patrick rode the board the rest of that season and half of last season until his coach insisted he get a longer board. There has been no change in the topsheet as he continued to ride it. He now rides the same board in a 177. Unfortunately, Chris' boards took a beating when he had the metal on the top - I hope the new topsheets with the metal inside makes a difference - the boards ride so very well.

A little on the softer side, perfect for a lighter rider. We had fun polishing the board so it's quite shiny now compared to when it came from Prior. Paid $1000 and had the PTC tune.


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